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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What's in a name?

Histology is the study of human (or animal) tissues under the microscope. Tissues are stained in different colors to emphasis certain cells or structural components of the tissue; when examined under the microscope all the tiny details together help explain how the microscopic structure of the tissue enables the functionality of the organ. 
There’re a lot of similarities between histology, also a “hobby” of mine (or a practice I enjoy as part of my MD studies) and sewing. Histological slides are 2D representations of a 3D shape (the entire organ), Just as parts of a pattern are the 2D building blocks of the 3D garment. by examining histological slides pathologists and forensic doctors can describe what’s going on with the entire organ, just as when we look at pattern pieces we can tell how the complete garment will look like. 
The structure-function relationship is also similar. the microscopic structure of the tissue can help understand the mechanism behind the organ’s function. In sewing, the angles and curves of pattern pieces help explain the functionality of the garment: curves around the legs, armholes and neck allow mobility and help shape the garment to fit around the curves of the human body.
I’ve been sewing for about 7 years, and sewing blogs have played a major role in my sewing education as I’ve never taken any classes or had help from a real-life seamstress. While I’ve been playing with the idea of opening my own blog for about 3 years (!) I was’t sure what exactly it was that I wanted to write about. However, recently, my fascination with patterns and the way they interact with the shape of the body has led me to finally take this step and open my “Wardrobe Histology” corner of the internet.
A place where I could discuss the patterns I use, the clothes I make, and how the clothes interact to create a wardrobe that functions (or doesn’t?) in real-life. 

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