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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Strathcona T-shirt for me!

How do you choose fabric when sewing for someone else? 

I usually ask the recipients to come with me when I go to the textile district so they can choose for themselves, but I leaned that for someone who doesn't sew it's difficult to imagine the fabric as a garment (Not to mention it's just not fun, for someone who doesn't sew fabric shopping is really boring).
But what should I do? I just hate choosing stuff for other people, who am I to decide what they should end up wearing? I have my taste, other people have theirs... I guess this is why I try to avoid sewing for others unless they are part of the process.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went to the textile district all by myself and ended up picking this knit fabric I thought would make a nice Strathcona. I printed the pattern, cut the fabric, and made it up as quickly as possible. The only change I made to the original pattern was the neckline, I thought a V neckline would be less tight around the neck than the original round neckline. (The V neckline could have been nice, had I made it properly... Unfortunately I rushed this process from some reason, I just wanted to MAKE IT RIGHT NOW, so the V is horrible but I don't care too much). 

The second obvious deviation from the plan is the fact I ended up keeping the Tshirt for myself rather than giving it to my boyfriend as planned. I tried it on before hemming, as I always do with anything I make, and I fell in love. We both decided it was more "me" than "him", so I hemmed it for myself (took about 15 cm from the length but kept the sleeves as-is). I love the length of these sleeves! So weird, so perfect!

I wear it here with my self-made self-drafted black jeans but I think it can go nicely with a mini skirt as well (I plan on making a moss skirt from the same fabric as the jeans, but I'm drowning in UFO's so it'll have to wait).

mmm... I guess I should explain the Pink Crocks situation. I'm training for a marathon and my foot hurts a little. I know it looks awful, but I'm comfortable and pain free and that's all that matters. 

I have another Strathcona planned (for my boyfriend), but as it requires re-printing the pattern and cutting a different size, he'll have to wait :)

Has any of you tried the Strathcona? I would like to add a pocket to my next version and maybe a sleeve detail. So many options! If I can just get the fit right (on him)...

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