About Me

About Me

Hi all!

I'm Roni Arbel, currently living in Jerusalem, Israel, where I study towards my MD/PHD degree. I'm at the latest stages of my PHD, and am happily working in this cool lab

I've been sewing for the past 8 years, I bought myself my first sewing machine for my 19th birthday. Currently I'm sewing on Bernina 1008 and Bernina 800 overlocker. 

I enjoy other crafts as well, so while I primarily see myself as a garment-sewer I'll occasionally share my adventures in home-dec.

I see science as an art form and consequently don't separate my day-job from my hobbies. My interests are diverse but the way I pursue them is influenced by my point of view on life, what helps in creating unity in the midst of chaos.

My goal with this blog is to contribute to the vast knowledge and data on sewing the internet has to offer. I never had formal sewing education and it is thanks to the wonderful sewing community (that only started to emerge 9 years ago) that I'm able to sew most of my (and my partner's) clothes. It should be noted that Israel has a lot to offer for textile enthusiasts. I buy most my fabric in the textile district of Tel Aviv, from small family-owned businesses. If you plan a visit to Israel let me know and I'll be happy to show you around! If your live and sew in Israel, please also let me know. I know there must be others like me here!

while fabric is very cheap and easy to source I usually don't know the content of the fabric; notions are a bit more difficult to find, and paper pattern are rare. Consequently I sew with indie patterns (or self-drafted patterns), and hack my way through parts that require notions I cant find. I love experimenting with fabric and the end-result is less important to me than the fun I have in the process, so I don't mind the glitches.

Pictures on this blog are taken with my smartphone and are not edited in any way. I usually don't even crop them. I would like to document my life and my experiences as is, rather than  create an alternative pinterest-ready world. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I would like to get to know you all!

Enjoy your time here,


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