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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Victory in the form of polka-dot pants

Hi all!

It's difficult to see the polka-dots. My (self-drafted self-made) tshirt is completely see-through, though. Luckily I'm wearing my good sports bra.

Pants were on the top of my "to make" list for a few years, but it wasn't until a year ago that I made my first pair. They weren't for me, though. I started with the Jedediah pattern for my boyfriend so I could get use to the fly thingy before dipping my toe in the fitting pool for a women's pair.

I've since made 5 pairs for him and 4 pairs of jeans for me, but never tried to make women's slacks as I couldn't find a proper PDF pattern. My luck changed (for better or worse?) two months ago, when an airline company lost my luggage on the way to Sicily where I was flying for a work-trip.

When it happened my closet was 95% me mades; three days later and I was head-to-toe H&M. There was very little I could do about it, as I had to buy clothes to wear during my stay, so I decided to concentrate on buying garments that had different silhouettes from those I usually make and wear. 

I ended up buying a pair of patterned slacks from H&M, and decided to draft a pattern based on them.

When you ask your boyfriend to take pictures of your behind, you end up with weird things on your camera roll.

For a first-try with the pattern I think these are rather good. There's something about wearing a pair of slacks with single-welt pockets and polka-dots that makes me really happy and comfortable in my own skin, even though the fit needs some improving.

for the next pair I'll make the following changes:

1. Take a wedge out of the front crotch (1 cm in the center, tapered to nothing at the side seams).

2. Lower the front pockets 1 cm.

3. Optional: use Madalynne's tutorial and create tummy tuck pockets.

4. Replace the current waistband with a shaped one. I'm not sure how much of a difference it will make since the rise of the pants is high, but if I make my own pants, I want a shaped waistband!

5. Take better pictures. Everyone is talking about blog pictures this month... I should learn from the experts! Although it's not like I'M the one taking the photos.

6. Use regular zipper instead of jean zipper. I guess it goes without saying for most of you, but I used the only type of zipper I had in my stash, and it doesn't work. The fabric is too lightweight to support the weight of the zipper even though I interfaced what needed to be interfaced.

What will you wear with slacks?

I'm trying to explore more silhouettes, inspired by the Wardrobe Architect series. Lately I wore mostly loose tshirts (knit or woven) and skinny jeans. It's very practical for my day-job but with fall wardrobe on my mind I would like to explore other combinations. Slacks are different from jeans in the way they create a bottom-heavier look, so I'm looking for tops that will balance the proportions. Maybe something more form fitting but with emphasis on the shoulders?

And with fall fashion of my mind, I think the summer dresses I planned will have to wait for the next season. I won't get much wear out of them now and honestly I prefer fall/winter sewing anyway.

So, what's on your fall sewing list? What bottoms do you wear during the fall? What do you think about slacks?

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