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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lift is too short to cut the wrong size PDF pattern

Lately it happens too often that I cut the wrong size after assembling a PDF pattern. A few months ago I finally decided to make a moss skirt, a pattern I was initially reluctant  to try because I thought it would be too short, but I saw enough good variations on the web to convince me otherwise. So after going through the annoying part of finding a printer and assembling the PDF I cut size 2 based on my archer size. Of course it's a completely illogical decision, you can't base you skirt size on your loose-fitting button-down, but my decision was somewhat supported by my hip measurement (around 35.6 inches. I measure in cm and convert to inches). After making the half-muslin I realized I need a size 4, meaning going through the annoying printing+taping+cutting process.

Today I finally assembled the pattern again and successfully made a half-muslin (I traced the pattern to the muslin before cutting it to avoid another PDF cutting fail) and I hope I can sew the skirt during the weekend. I do intent to add a bit of length to the bottom though...

The only problem I have with Jen's patterns is the half inch seam allowance. My machine (as well as the rest of my life) is in metric, and I never know what line to follow. I finally put some tape 1/2 inch from the needle to guide me when I make this skirt. 

On other news, after writing the last post I realized the REAL reason for avoiding my summer dresses project is my fear of failing it and ruining the nice black knit fabric with all its potential. But nice black knit fabric doesn't help me much when it's suck in the closet, so I decided to ditch my original plan and just hack it. I still have to hem to hand-stitch so I don't know what I think about it yet, but at least I tried! Once I'm done with the hem I'll write a proper post describing how I eventually drafted the pattern.

The black dress shares the ironing board with leftover fabric from an owl pillow and a fitted shirt I want to cut into a tank. Floral fabric for pants and thick fabric for a rug patiently wait on the daybed.

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